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Calling The Lost Tribes of the House of Israel

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Matthew 10:5-6

Here Ye Deaf, Ye Blind That Ye May See Who is Blind But my Servant? Or Deaf, As My Messenger That I Sent ? Seeing Many Things, But Thou Observest Not. (Isaiah 42:18) Far too long the ministers have failed to inform black people who they are. We read the Bible Daily, But don't understand that we are reading about Black People, the Bible is nothing but a Black History Book.

The Ministers tell us That Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. Eve only conceived (3) sons. So how did they populate the earth with (3) males? Read Genesis the 4th chapter. How is it that Cain went into the land of Nod and took a wife. If there there were no more people on the earth. (Genesis 4:16)

Before there was any other people there were Black People. The other races did not come about until Noah and his (3) sons. Ham, Shem, and Japheth. The children of Ham were Jet Black in appearance . The children of Shem were Browned Skin in completion. And the children of Japheth were fair skinned and to white. Through these (3) sons the earth was populated with the nations. (Genesis 10th chapter)

Who is Cush? Cush the son of Ham is the father of Ethiopians. And Moses married one of Cush's daughter (Numbers Chapter 12). Miriam, Moses Sister angered the lord and God cursed her and she became leprous "White as Snow". (Numbers12:10) So she could not have been white in the beginning.

King Solomon was a Black Man. Solomon said "I am Black but beautiful, Look upon me because I am Black (Song of Solomon 1:5-6)

The Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia  was son of King Solomon and the queen of Sheba. Menelik II was the grandfather of Haile Selassie (Emperor 1929-1975). You can only see that what we called the "Biblical People" but our ancestors we were carried away and brought into this country by the white man and made to be slaves for our own unrighteousness. But now God is calling us back. You will find this in Jeremiah 29:14" And I will be Found of you saith the lord and I will turn away your captivity."

All of those who said "They Heard from God," and come as messengers of God, they have not brought a "message" for the Black man & Black woman. That message is that is that we are the we are the lost tribes of the House of Israel, That Jesus told the disciples to seek out for. We as servants of God, preach about every Sunday and never tell the Black People that Jesus was a Black Man!!! Therefore, we have let the white man steal our birthright from us. As messengers of God if we are blind and cannot see, and deaf and cannot hear, how can the blind lead the blind and how can the deaf make the deaf to hear? In my conclusion, with your permission I would like to inform you of the truth.

Come one come all. Come and learn about the Black Jesus & Black Mary & All the Black Prophets & the Black Bible

In the future we will be having a new monthly Newsletter so you may better understand the teachings of the Black Bible.


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